“Les images en communs”, 1/5. With Liselotte Mas, Antoine Schirer et Félix Tréguer

“After Social Networks” is pleased to invite you to the launch of its seminar “Les images en communs”.
The sessions of this cycle of virtual meetings have been conceived as a place for discussion between image practitioners appropriating user-generated content, art and media theorists, activists, or anyone else manipulating UGC.


For this first session, we have the joy of receiving:

Liselotte Mas, journalist
Antoine Schirer, director, designer et journalist
Félix Tréguer, researcher et foundator-member of la Quadrature du Net.


Together, they will question the role played by UGC in open source investigation.
After a presentation and the viewing of investigations made by Liselotte Mas and Antoine Schirer (about 30 minutes), they will enter in discussion with Félix Tréguer. A time of discussion with the audience will also be set up.
To connect to the event, here is the link :
ID de reunión: 932 7678 3736
Link : https://zoom.us/j/93276783736
Password: communs
Seminar supported by the Fondation de France – grant Dream Big and Grow Fast.

Image from : “How French soldiers risk compromising their security on social networks”,Mediapart, 2020 | 12 minutes
video production, motion design: Antoine Schirer.
Journalist: S. Bourdon
Story editors: M. Hajdenberg, J. Brabant